Skin Treatment

O3+ Professional Skin Care Tretaments Of Facials

O3+ Cleanups

O3+ Whitening Cleanup

Milk Scrubs / Valcano Scrub,
Whitening / Seaweed Tonic,
Whitening/ Seaweed Mask.

Deep Cleaning With Mask

Oil & Shine Control

Seaweed Cleaning Gel + Black Mask + Microdarmabraison/ Steam + 03+ 2010 Mask + Whitening Spf 30

O3+ Purifing Oxy

Milk Scrub/ Volcano Scrub + D-tan + Whitening Tonic + Whitetning Cream + Whitening Mask, Seaweed Mask.

Calssic Facials


Enhance And Lighten The Skin By Giving A Uniform Radiance To The Dark Pigmented Skin Recommended For Uneven Tone And Pigmented Skin.

Product Use

Seaweed / Whitening Cleanser + Black Mask + Micro Derma Brasion/ Kojic Peel + Whitening Tonic + Whitening Cream + Whitening Serum + Depigmentation Ampoule + O3 Mask 2020 Or 2030 Or 2080 + Whitening Spf.


Modify And Distress Your Skin Of Oil. Recemmended For Oily/acne Skin And Specific Problem.

Product Used:

Seaweed Cleanser+ Black Mask +b.h.a Peel 25% + Neutralizer + Seaweed Tonic +seaweed Mask+ Ance Control Serum + 03 + 2010 Or 2020 Mask+ Iris Zinc Ampoule/ Purifying Ampoule + Seaweed Spf.


Elevate The Skin By Giving A Nourishing Treatment And Improving The Elastase Activity. Recommended For Wrinkled And Sagging Skin.

Product Used:

Whitening Cleanser+ Black Mask+ Lactic Arid/microdermabrasion+ Whitening Tonic+ Collagen Serum.

Shine And Glow

Recollect The Skin Lost Freshness And Revive Your Skin With Highly Moisturized And Hydrating Facial. Recommended For Shine And Glow.

Product Used

Seaweed/whitening Cleanser+ Black Mask +lactic And Peel + Whitening Tonic +seaweed Or Whitening Cream + Vitamin C Serum + Depigmentation Ampoule + O3 + Mask 2020/2030/2080.

Reinvent Facials With Peels

Reinvent Whitening

Whitening Cleansing + Black Mask + Microdermabrasion + Kojic Peel +whitening Tonic+ Whitening Cream + Depigmentation Ampoule +o3+2020 Or 2030 Mask.

24k Gold Collagen Facial

24k Gold Collagen Facial: This Gold Collagen Facial Is Designed For Matured Skin To Regain Youth. This Specialized Gold Facial Treatment Consists Of Gold Based Gel Cream Which Has Additional Skin Improving And Ingredients Along With Saffron, Honey And Sandal Wood. It Helps To Reduce Facial Lines Thus Restoring Youth To Skin.

Diamond Luxury Facial

This Diamond Facial Is An Enhanced Spa Treatment That Includes An Eye Treatment, Made With Pearl Power. This Facial Often Eliminates And Diminishes The Appearance Of Tan And Uneven Skin Tone Resulting In Youth Appearance.

Oxgenating Glow Facial

For Reinvent Dull And Sensitive Skin.

Products Used

Milk Wash, Oxygen Cleaning Gel, Oxgyen D-tan, Oxgyen Tonic, Oxgyen Cream, Oxgyen Facial Mask, Rediant Paper Mask 2020, Whitening Serum.

Bridal Glow Facial

For Bridal Instant Glow And Whitening Effect.

Products Used

Whitenig Cleaning Form, Whitening Tonic, Whitening Massage Cream, Whitening Serum, 2030 Mask, Aurotin, Serum , Sunscreen.

Radiant Ultra Light Anti Wrinkle Facial

Ultra Light Mask, Ultra Light Serum, Ultra Cream, Collegen Serum, Vitamin C , Mask 2020.