The Day Spa

SPA is a stress relieving, pampering Academy With full body treatment, diets and compress etc. Majority of which is marine Natural & Herbal remedies. The Day Spa is a retreat from the outside world, it based on the awareness of the interrelationship between the Body, Mind and spirit. The treatments, services and packages that joy n joy offers are usually selective, depending on the individuals’ personal needs. Spas aim to energize, rejuvenate and inspire. You Will feel good inside as well as look good outside.

Foot Spa

Anti Ageing (Anti Wrinkle)

Hand & foot Spa Hot Paraffin Treatment

Treatment Duration Amount
Spa Manicure 60 min 1300/-
Spa Pedicure 60 min 1400/-

Anti-Stress Aroma Foot Spa

For tired feet it gives relaxing & anti-Ageing effect to stiff muscles & dry feet. Shiatsu aroma Massage with anti-stress essential oil is triggers memories and emotions within the limbic system, which in turn stimulates a response within the entire system

Treatment Duration Amount
Spa Manicure 60 min 1300/-
Spa Pedicure 60 min 1400/-

Anti-Tan Manicure Pedicure Spa

This includes anti tan scrub & mask & massage with vitamin rich cream that gives skin natural glow ,removes dead skin& detoxify & makes skin healthier

Treatment Duration Amount
Aroma Anti Tan Manicure 45 min 1099/-
Aroma Anti Tan Pedicure 55 min 1199/-

Spa Pedicure & manicure (Chocolate) :- coca

Chocolate Provides oxygen, water and vitamin to dermis, it also gives anti–oxidant polyphenols, minerals, essential fatty acid and additional vitamins to make skin firm and rejuvenate. It's an anti-oxidant as green tea and an anti–coagulating agent

Treatment Duration Amount
Chocolate Manicure 45 min 1099/-
Chocolate foot Spa 55 min 1199/-

Joy n Joy Hair Spa

Treatment Duration Amount
Exclusive Aroma Head Spa 90 min 950/- to 1200/-
Wella Enotic Hair Spa 90 min 1099/-

Joy N Joy The Day Spa

Don’t have time to go on a whole spa vacation? A day Spa can give you a chance to relax and enjoy some treatments without packing your bags. It’s a new experience, a special luxury, a rare treat!!

JOY N JOY the day spa is proud to offer a wide range of services designed to relax, rejuvenate and renew your body and mind. Offering you a place to wind down and keep your life in balance. Please browse through our selection of services listed below

Treatment Duration Amount
Head to toe total rejuvenation spa package
(Includes spa Facial, Head Massage, Body scrub & Massage, Body mask & steam bath)
3 Hours 6500/-

Spa Facial

Treatment Duration Amount
Hot Stone Spa Facial 120 min 3500/-

Body Spa Rituals

Treatment Duration Amount
Anti-Stress Detoxification Body Spa
(Includes crystal healing, Aura cleaning & Chakra activation)
2 Hours 4500/-
Rejuvenating Hot Stone Massage Withy body scrub & mask
(Includes crystal healing, Aura cleaning & Chakra Activation)
2 Hours 4500/-
Honey Moon Spa
(Ayurvedic Patali massage with body scrub & mask)
2 Hours 4500/-
Thai Back Massage with Relaxing Foot Soak 30 Min 1200/-
Ayurvedic Body Scrub with Enzymatic Mud Mask 80 Min 3500/-
Aroma Body Massage with Steam Bath 60 Min 2500/-
Radiance Full Body Polishing 80 Min 4500/-