Beauty Culture & Cosmetology

Advance Beauty Culture & Cosmetology

(Advance Machines, Skin Polishing) (Peeling)
Advance Beauty Culture & Cosmetology (Advance Machines, Skin Polishing) (Peeling)

Duration : 21 Days

  • Anatomy and physiology of skin. Scientific skin care.
  • Skin analysis (How to recognize skin) skin consultations.
  • Understanding skin problem and treatment -
    Acne and pimple, Tan, Blackhead and whitehead, Pigmentation, Ageing, wrinkle, Fine lines, Open pour.
  • HOW to deal with Ageing.
  • Advance O3+ facials
  • Ionization (galvanic facial)
  • High frequency facial (oily and combination skin facials).
  • Electroporation (skin Rejuvenation).
  • Vacuum suction (deep cleansing).
  • Meso no needle machine facial (Anti ageing facial).
  • Micro Dermabration (Diamond polishing).
  • Pigmentation treatment (peeling facials).
  • Anti ageing and collagen facial.(ultrasonic )
  • Gold & Diamond facials.
  • R F (Radio Frequency) skin Tightening facial.
  • Skin polishing (peelings)-AHA (Alfa hydroxy acid)Peeling
  • BHA (beta hydroxy acid) Peeling, lactic acid, salicylic acid, Glycolic acid peels.

Director and Training faculty - Dilshad Hameed.